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Spread the Resistance - Wear Orange Daily

RATM Wear Orange
Friday, 13 June 2008

Rage Against the Machine wear orange in solidarity with the tortured prisoners currently in U.S. custody all around the globe.


Orange Ribbons at the Oscars

Director Paul Haggis wore an orange ribbon. He said:
"the ribbons are the color of the jumpsuits at Guantanamo Bay, and at our secret detention camps, where prisoners are kept indefinitely, in violation of our constitution, and tortured. This is something that our government has long condemned as the heinous behavior of dictators, but something that unbelievably we now condone."

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Declare It Now! in San Diego!

STREET SCENE '07: New this season



Concert in Spain


"Taking the Orange Upsurge to the Hollywood Farmers' Market”

August 26, 2007

World Can’t Wait volunteers distributed hundreds of flyers, sold numerous bandannas and signed up dozens of new activists at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market recently.  Bordering West Hollywood, a bastion of progressives and the 81st US city to pass a resolution calling for impeachment, the reaction of shoppers was overwhelmingly positive.



Sunday August 19

An organizer from LA decided to make a solo statement and caused quite a fashion stir at the annual Los Angeles Sunset Junction Street Fair Sunday afternoon. Clad in an outfit constructed entirely out of DIN Orange Drive Out the Bush Regime bandanas, she made the scene at the Silverlake community event, known for its good time flavored family fun, and a tradition of colorful and unusually costumed revelers.....


Report from July 27th Los Angeles

A press conference was held at noon at the new National Impeachment Center (aka the Peace Center) to kick-off the Declare It Now - Wear Orange! Campaign.  It began when 3 orange-jump suited, black-hooded figures knelt before the podium while actor René Auberjonois (Boston Legal) delivered a stunning dramatic reading of the World Can't Wait Call.  A flurry of media cameras captured the images.  Then Prof. Dennis Loo of the WCW National Steering Committee contextualized the campaign and brought out the vision of transforming the situation where far too many people who hate what's going on are still not expressing or acting on that sentiment.  Constitutional lawyer Stephen Rohde made clear why it's not too late to push forward for impeachment and why it's urgently needed.  John Duran, Mayor of West Hollywood, who recently led the first city in southern California to pass a resolution for the impeachment of Bush & Cheney, spoke to why he's wearing orange.  Musician Wayne Kramer (formerly of the MC-5, co-founder of the White Panther Party) powerfully declared his feelings through his song, "Something's Broken in the Promised Land".  Last, but not least, Peter Thottam, Executive Director of the National Impeachment Center, announced the next steps of the Center while sporting the orange ribbon that he's been promoting.  On Saturday, La Opinion printed a photo of the press conference on p. 3 showing the orange jumpsuits, poster and new banner; this is the largest Spanish-language newspaper on the West Coast.


New Powerful 2 minute - Declare It Now! Video on YouTube



Declare It Now - Wear Orange!
Drive Out the Bush Regime!

The urgent color of orange - the color that has been assigned to those detained and tortured with no due process - must become the color of a gathering sentiment to end all this.  This spreading of orange is part of seizing the moral high ground and showing our collective determination to bring these crimes to a halt NOW by Driving Out the Bush Regime.

A groundswell of orange, assisted and amplified by the voices of prominent people and musicians wearing and promoting orange on TV, radio, and on stage at concerts can break people out of this conundrum where millions are just furious but still paralyzed by the paralysis of the loyal opposition Party and by the anaesthetizing effects of the presidential elections.

Click here to Download flyers to distribute with orange ribbons, bandanas, etc. And let us know how it goes!

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